Ordinary people losing ‘Extra-Ordinary Weight!’


Hard to believe you can lose up to 20 lbs in just 30 Days without even exercising – but it’s absolutely TRUE!

This has to be the easiest weight loss program ever designed to not only lose weight rapidly but to also improve your health immensely!

There are no diet pills, counting calories, carbs or points – just a simple MEAL PLAN that has been recognized by more than 20,000 physicians as being medically proven and the best method to lose weight fast, safe and effectively.

What’s so great about our '30 DAY' NO EXERCISE DIET is you can actually drop 2-5 lbs each week without even exercising.

In fact, we prefer you NOT to exercise at all during your first 30 days!

Amazingly - your weight is going to come off quite rapidly without one push-up!

I am not talking about water weight or lean muscle weight either. I am talking about all that yellow and brown fat that has been building up around your vital organs for years, forcing your organs to perform sluggishly and causing many of you to experience all sorts of symptoms and health conditions.

The main reason this weight loss program works is because our meal program is specifically designed to 'maintain' your muscle mass and push you into fat burning mode only!



For years we have been brainwashed in believing ‘we can’t lose weight without exercising’!

The mantra has always been - you have to build muscle in order to burn more fat!

The fitness industry has turned into a multi-billion dollar empire using this mantra alone – yet the statistics on Obesity & Diabetes continue to rise at alarming epidemic rates with 2/3 of Americans now overweight and one out of every 3 children considered Obese!

In fact, researchers are now telling us, our childrens’ generation will be the first generation whose lifespan will be less than ours - with children having heart attacks by the age of 30.

Cardiologists all over America are quickly turning to this weight loss program because it delivers really rapid results, it's super easy to follow and it fits into anyone's budget!

As physicians, we understand the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to first correct the biochemical balance of your body by turning off the insulin pump and getting your body to burn its own fat reserves for energy.

During the first month, exercising only disturbs the balance of correcting this issue - so our NO EXERCISE DIET is all about jumpstarting your weight loss program to help you drop up to 20 lbs in your first 30 days!

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