Ordinary people losing ‘Extra-Ordinary Weight!’

LOSE up to 50 LBS in 90 DAYS!

Now that you have completed your first 30 days of our No Exercise Diet and have dropped an incredible 15-20 lbs in your first month -
Continue to follow the same ‘fat burning’ program you did for your first 30 days until you reach your desired BMI. (Body Mass Index – Height/Weight ratio)… If you are on target and feel great about how much you have lost, start including some moderate exercise, like walking or yoga, in order to ‘rev up your fat burning engine’ a little more. This isn’t absolutely necessary but it helps to keep muscles firm and toned! For those who cannot exercise due to suffering with fibromyalgia or other health condition that prevents you from exercising... do not worry, you will still lose weight without exercising as long as you stay in 'fat burning mode' with your meal plan.



It is more than likely after your first 30 days you just can’t help but celebrate the weight you have lost!
I certainly did – but what I noticed was my digestive metabolism was working so much better now. So when I indulged in a couple of cheat days - I didn’t lose any weight but I didn’t gain weight either.

The reality is…. life happens!
There will always be weddings to go to, parties to attend, holiday events and vacations interrupting our focus - constantly tempting us to cheat or chill out on some comfort foods from the good old days!

Remember, this is a program that is easy to follow and one where you easily LEARN as you BURN!


The first 30 days is so very important in correcting your biochemical balance in order to lose weight quickly.

However, once you lose those first 20 lbs in such a remarkably short time you will be highly motivated to stay focused and remain in ‘visceral fat burning mode’ until you reach your desired weight.


It takes 2-3 days to get your body back into ‘fat burning mode’ again. If you are willing to sacrifice a few days here or there knowing you now have the tools and knowledge to get right back on track again – then do what you need to do!
Pace yourself and know it might take you a little longer than others to lose your extra pounds.

For those who stayed on program – Congratulations!

I am sure you are thrilled about losing 50 lbs in 90 days!

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